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Endorsed by Los Angeles Times

 "Superior Court Office No. 97: Timothy D. Reuben. Reuben is a breath of fresh air in that he is an experienced civil litigation attorney with enough solid trial court experience to rival criminal prosecutors, many of whom go to court every day. The Superior Court bench is disproportionately made up of former prosecutors, and it’s important for the court as a whole to have judges from a variety of backgrounds. It happens that the other contender — Deputy Dist. Atty. Sherry L. Powell — also has more life experience than most prosecutors given that law is a second career for her, but all of her work in the legal field has been on the prosecutorial side. Of the two, Reuben is the standout."

~Los Angeles Times 



Ed Asner

Councilmember Bob Blumenfield

Councilmember Paul Koretz

Congresswoman Maxine Waters

Rick Tuttle, former LA City Controller

Lindsay Conner, Esq., former LA Community College Trustee

Sarah Conner, President Pacific Palisades Residents Association

Gerald E. Lunn, Jr., Esq., former Beverly Hills School Board Member

Rabbi Morley Feinstein

The Reverend Dr. Laverne Joseph

Justice John Segal

Judge Eli Chernow, LASC-Ret’d.

Judge Judith C. Chirlin, LASC-Ret'd.

Judge Patricia Collins, LASC-Ret’d.

Hon. James B. Copelan, (ret’d.)

Hon. Jill B. Robbins (ret.)

Hon. Suzanne Segal (ret.)

Judge Marc Gross, LASC

Judge Clifford Klein, LASC

Judge Timothy P. Dillon, LASC

Judge Marc Marmaro, LASC (ret'd.)

Judge Enrique Romero, LASC-Ret’d.

Judge Jeff Winikow LASC-Ret’d.

Professor Thomas Rosenbaum

Professor Katherine T. Faber

Dr. Sant Chawla

Dr. Andrew Caster

Dr. Alexander Marmureanu

Dr. Monica Sarang

Dr. Mark Stein

Writer/Producer Ann Donahue

Producer David Carrico

Jeffrey Reuben, Esq.

Stephen L. Raucher, Esq.

Damon Stein, Esq.

Otto L. Hasselhoff, Esq.

Stephanie Blum, Esq.

Jerry Kaye, Esq.

Phil Israels, Esq.

Leon Jenks, CPA

Michael Narvid, Esq.

Robert Mangels, Esq.

Travis Gemoets, Esq.

Gregory Dillion, Esq.

Marta Fernandez, Esq.

Madison Spach, Esq.

David Foxman, CPA

Ben Reznik, Esq.

Bryan Kenny

Robert Amberg, Esq.

Burton Mitchell, Esq.

Jeffrey Kichaven, Esq., Mediator

Marc Staenberg, Esq.

Aliza Karney Guren, Esq.

Marc Guren, Esq.

Randy Sunshine, Esq.

Steve Cron, Esq.

Alan Rothenberg, Esq.



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